About us

Centre Social Eclaté (CSE) is a French non-profit organisation born 1993, located in Saint-Martin-Boulogne, a town near Boulogne-sur-Mer (north of France). We offer information, guidance, entertainment, activities and services to all families and individuals living in Saint-Martin-Boulogne town and around. Our purpose is to develop “community life” and social diversity in the territory. We are accredited by the National Family Benefits Agency to carry out this task. We work closely in partnership with local authorities, local institutions and benefit from subsidies from several institutions and authorities link to national, regional and local policies including inclusion scheme. We have a team of more than 50 FTEs.

CSE manage 3 community centres (Centre, Marlborough and Ostrohove), a child care service and a childminder network. Our organization is manage by a steering committee composed of trustees elected from among members, official members and associate members. We manage more than 10 premises located in the heart of the neighborhoods closer to local needs. We develop our activities for the benefit of more than 1500 family members. We have a variety of publics and target groups: from toddler to elderly people.

Our projects and daily work are around residents’ involvement, youth mobility, family empowerment, social and professional inclusion, prevention actions programs... We offer a wide range of activities and services : daycare nurseries, parent-child activities, after-school clubs, schoolwork support, day camps, guidance and advice for adults and teenagers, workshops for unemployed people, supporting youth initiatives, employment support…

CSE is one of the main key player around the territory of the Communauté d’agglomération of Boulogne-sur-Mer regarding the topic of social intervention on a non-institutional approach.

We support projects run by residents or associations such as neighborhood parties or family outings and we conduct other projects such as holiday departures, youth volunteer work camps, health prevention programs or professional inclusion programs.

For several years now, we develop European projects (Interreg, Erasmus+, ESF…) around mobility, social inclusion, employment, parenthood and sustainable development.

Past projects : INSPIRER “Improving Neighbourhood Sustainability with Participatory and Innovative Responses to Environmental Regeneration”, Cyber Youth Connection “new skills, new friends”

Current projects : PACE “Providing Access to Child care and Employment”, PETE “Positive Engagement for a Transition towards Employment”

If you have any questions regarding European projects please contact our European projects coordinator : europe@centresocialeclate.com / Centre Social Eclaté, 6/8 résidence René Descartes, BP 922, 62280 Saint-Martin-Boulogne / +33 (0)3 21 99 56 90